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Become a Partner!

What is a Partner?

A partner helps out with our exposure on the web. As a partner we will assist each other in gaining more membership by sharing one anothers content on different venue's such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and various social media platforms. This will increase traffic to one anothers sites through cross-membership, members sharing content from one anothers sites to their own friends and the backing and support of each other and each others community.

What are the requirements to become a partner? 

Be an active participant in promoting and sharing content. Be active on your site and keep developing content and updates at least 1 update per 3 month period. Participate in charity events, either monetarily or promote the charity events on your media outlets. 

What are the perks of becoming a partner?

Exposure. The exposure of being partnered with a charity organization and the exposure of our community promoting your site, increasing your traffic and fan  base. 

Become a Sponsor!

What is a Sponsor and why would I want to be one?

A Sponsor helps the community to stay up and running. We are a charity driven group which means income is limited when it comes to up keep of the systems. Helping our community to stay up and running increases our exposure. This increases our membership base. This helps get more people involved in charities and in turns helps the world. The larger our community gets the more members we will have watching our videos, monitoring our social media and sharing our content across the internet to not only their gamer friends but their family, co-workers, and non-gaming friends. As a Sponsor your company or website will be getting mentioned in said postings thus increasing your exposure.

What are the requirements of becoming a sponsor? 

Assist in the yearly maintenance fees of the websites upkeep and cost. Assist in yearly maintenance fees of the voice chat system used by the community. Donate to a minimum of one charitable event during the year. Amounts due can be discussed on a per case basis and the amount of exposure you request from the community.

What are the perks to becoming a sponsor?

You will be listed on our main website under the Sponsors & Partners page. During videos your company, website or name will be mentioned in relation to the subject matter at hand. We will promote your company or website on our social media platforms. We are a charity group that attempts to help out the world in many different ways, this type of philanthropy can only help to positivity promote the name of your company or website to the gaming community and those interested in games. And who doesn't like to play games?!