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eSports is one of the fastest growing industries

By Michael Burns 3/31/2017

The information gathered by shows that MOBA gaming finals alone were viewed more than the NBA Finals, the Masters, the World Series and the Stanley Cup. 

America's past time. The pinnacle of American sports, the Baseball World Series was viewed less than the eSports finals. Is this a trend we can expect to increase? Yes. With eSports the barrier for entry to play is just owning a computer, any child or adult can take part in the game they are watching on T.V. or online. They can watch how the pro-gamers play and try to achieve that level of skill. They  can enjoy something they've been enjoying for years but now they can feel the excitement that was once only reserved by traditional sports enthusiast. 

How do you get into eSports? Watch  it online and  go to tournaments. Pick a team and follow them for the year on social media, enjoy their accomplishments and feel the sting of disappointment at their losses. 

If you are a fan of traditional sports you will love eSports if you take the time to give it a chance. If you open your mind to the experience and let yourself feel the energy of the crowds and drink in all that it has to offer. There are fantasy leagues, social media outlets, chat rooms, forums and plenty of resources to get started and really jump into the sport.

There are even plans for making National eSports leagues and World eSports Leagues. Where cities, states and countries get home teams, made up of the best in their communities. They get stadiums and players get branded onto items and get endorsements. 

I promise you will not be disappointed once you give it a try. Pick  it up and never put it down. I will leave you with two videos of an upcoming league that will have teams in cities in the U.S. with their own stadiums and fantasy leagues. Watch the videos, see how similar it is and how much fun it looks. Feel the excitement of the crowds in the video. 

See you in the field.

Is there money in this? Absolutely. 

Different games offer different types of rewards. You get fame in that game as the worlds best player, you get the respect and admiration of the fans following your game and you get the cash from the tournaments. 

But tournaments are only a small portion of the money flow. The merchandising is also outstanding. Selling noise  makers at events, food vendors selling at the events, novelty items for the game itself and then the teams merchandise so fans can show their support. 

Lets of course not forget the advertising opportunities. The players will wear team jerseys that will have logos for computer brands, graphic card brands, computer peripherals, game companies and many more. 

These players are well compensated for their time and skill. Companies want to invest in these players and teams to get their brand known as supporting eSports in its infancy. Growing with the brand and giving them prime light at tournaments and to the community that follows it all. It also entices non-professional players to want the gear the professionals have.

You may have heard about eSports and thought that it wouldn't catch on as a mainstream sport. You would be wrong. eSports has become one of the fastest growing genres in sports today. eSports follows many different types of games such as MMORPG-PvP (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game - Player Versus Player), FPS (First Person Shooter), MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), ECG (Electronic Card Game), RTS (Real Time Strategy), SIM (Simulation), Mobile and many more. Teams have sprung up with paid full time players, merchandise, tournaments, ladders and some of the most passionate fans you have ever seen. There are even official leagues springing up for the sport. 

According to statistics, polls and data gathered by ESPN, eSports is not only just growing it is overtaking traditional sports. 

Well, isn't eSports just a bunch of basement dwelling, out of shape nerds? Not even close!

eSports team members actually take their physical health just as seriously as their mental health. It takes a fast mind with fast reflexes to compete in eSports. 

Interviewing many professional eSports teams they state that they tend to try to avoid sugar and snack foods and prefer to eat fruit and drink water. They will go out for runs and lift weights to keep their body ready and put less stress on their heart and mind, keeping their body tuned to make the reflex between knowing what needs to be pressed next and the body reacting lower, it can be the key to winning. They understand a healthy mind requires a healthy body and with the rapid reflexes needed to react and make split second decisions to change the outcome of a game requires you to stay healthy. 

Scientific studies were done on traditional athletes. Then that data was put against that of eSports professionals. The results were rather interesting. 

According to the German Sports University eSports athletes have the pulse of a Marathon Runner while playing their games. While it looks like they may be just mashing keys and shouting into the microphone each movement is calculated and quick. Their pulses were recorded at 160-180 BPM (Beats per minute).