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Bunker Gaming Tag Request

What are the benefits of joining Bunker Gaming?

Access to forums to help keep your members in contact with each other and socialize with tons of other like-minded gamers. You will gain access to our voice chat channel to host raids, matches, meetings whatever you need. You will gain access to the ranks of our membership to gain more members to your own cause. You and your membership could gain friendships and meet new and exciting people from around the globe. Members who are part of one of Bunker Gaming's clans, guilds, eSports, ect. will have access to special auctions, raffles, competitions and other goodies throughout the year as part of charity events that are not open to the general public. As members you will also gain access to special forum tags that might get you eCred.

What kind of games do we have to play?

Any kind of gamer organization is free to join Bunker Gaming with approval from our staff. We accept Guilds from MMORPG's, Clans from Shooting games, Clans/Guilds from MOBA's, Steam Groups of like-minded gamers, casual mobile gamers, console gamers, even live tabletop gamers meeting in real life. We support everyone who likes to play any game here to group together under our name. We will auction, raffle or reward items for every type of game platform as we gain more membership in that area. This way we show our support for everyone with different play-styles.

What are the requirements of joining Bunker Gaming?

In order to join Bunker Gaming you will need to have an active membership base for the game you are currently playing. You will need to offer your members registration on our Forums to gain access to the special forums and voice chat information. Somewhere on your current site, guild message, clan page, ect. you will need a link to and list your organization as under This will ensure that your membership understands they are an extension of and can take part in all activities that we host! Active membership on the forums is not a requirement for the entire group with the exception of the leader of the organization which is required to give an update on their groups status once every month. 

How can we get involved?

The level of your groups involvement is dependent on your group. You can help raise money for charity, donate your time, money or support to our many different causes through out the year. As a large organization we will get together from time to time to do events such as ExtraLife, Gaming-For-Good and other fun events. You can help out by making videos for our YouTube channel that we can review, add our intro too and add to our official YouTube Channel. You can assist in writing blog post and news articles in regards to games, game culture or nerd culture. You can assist in helping our in the forums by volunteering to be a forum administrator to make sure the forum rules are followed. If you have an idea or suggestion on how to help our Bunker Gaming, please let us know. 

Are charity events mandatory?

No, they are not mandatory, they are highly encouraged. At the end of each year, the organization with the highest participation in charity events will receive a special gift and a shout out on the home page of the website. The purpose of Bunker Gaming is in the tag line: Playing games, changing lives. We are here to have fun, play some games and help better the world.

Do I have to use Bunker Gaming in my name?

No, it is not mandatory that you use Bunker Gaming as your name. It is required that it show up somewhere public to your organization so that your membership understands they are a part of by joining your organization. It is encouraged to use Bunker Gaming in your name/tag as part of helping expand our ranks and public appearance. It is also helpful for you as our site grows and our name is known more, the name itself will weight more when viewed and when recruiting new membership. People will want to join a large gamer organization for the community and the name will carry that which will make your job in recruiting new membership to your organization.