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Mike Burns​​

Owner of Bunker Gaming

Bunker Gaming is an online gaming community dedicated to charitable works and establishing long term friendships. In recent times gamers have received a bit of a bad reputation of harassing each other or pulling malicious or even criminal pranks against one another. We are here to help bring a safe, responsible and friendly face back to the gaming hobby. 

The group started by a volunteer Firefighter who wanted to bring that sense of brotherhood and family to the gaming world. Bunker Gaming was named after the fire resistant gear that is used by Firefighters called "Bunker Gear". Bunker Gaming is a large participant in charitable works and believes that everyone can make a difference even by playing games. Bunker Gaming takes part in many different charitable functions throughout the year, including hosting it's own raffles and auctions to raise money for charitable foundations. 

Bunker Gaming host everyone from casual gamers to hard-core eSports players. We welcome all to our forums and site and would like you to feel comfortable and at home with us. It is not a requirement to take part in the charity events to be a member and have fun. If you need any assistance, please reach out to one of our staff members at

If you are interested in joining our community please visit the forums and sign up. We would love for you to join our community of gamers and friends.

Founding Member of Bunker Gaming. Jeremy is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Security Operations. Jeremy is a Veteran of the United States Navy where he was a Medical Corpsman for 9 years before retiring from the Navy as an NCO. He is currently working for Microsoft. He is a fan of MMORPGs, RPGs, Shooters FPS/Third Person and simulation games. He enjoys reading, listening to music and hanging out with his friends and family in his free time. Jeremy is a very charitable man and loves to give back to the world with everything the world has given him. 

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Jeremy Harvill

Community Manager of Bunker Gaming

Founding Member of Bunker Gaming. Mike currently holds degrees in Computer Network Engineering and Petrochemical Process Operations. He volunteers as a Firefighter and EMT-B at his local Fire Department. He is currently working for an eCommerce solution. He is an avid MMORPG, First Person Shooter, Third Person Shooter and tabletop fan. He enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, family and friends. Mike was the Owner/Leader of Disciples of Vox a charity driven pre-launch EverQuest Next Guild that successfully raised money for children's hospitals, sent mail to soldiers overseas during the holidays and video games to the children of soldiers whose parents were deployed during the holidays and much more. 

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Joshua Wilson

Blog & News Manager of Bunker Gaming

Founding Member of Bunker Gaming. Josh currently holds a degree in Computer Science. Joshua is currently the owner of a gaming blog and works for an eCommerce solution. He is a fan of indie games, FPS, RPG and Platform games. He enjoys working out, hanging out with his family and friends, playing games and reading. He knows C++, C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and plenty of other programming languages. Josh enjoys taking part in charity events and helping others out when he can.

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